L2 Architects believes that the key to successfully completing a project is by starting the project off strong. To achieve this, L2 Architects encourages collaboration and innovation from the beginning. Great demands are placed on projects today. They must be designed well, satisfy user needs and desires, and meet technology and flexibility requirements while remaining within budget. To maximize opportunities during the development of projects, L2 Architects relies on the fundamentals. Collaboration. Communication. Innovation. Organization.



Information is gathered to establish project goals, collect and analyze facts, test concepts and create a body of knowledge. To obtain this information we rely on a variety of tools including workshops, questionnaires, analysis cards, interviews, and charettes with shareholder participation. Through this information gathering, active listening, and multi-disciplinary collaboration we establish a strong basis from which all involved parties can move the project forward and test design solutions.


This basis of knowledge is utilized by the entire team throughout the document delivery process to measure the success of the project through the different standard phases of the design team’s project delivery from design, establishing the GMP, construction documentation, and construction. 

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