L2 Architects presents a partial list of relevant projects in each category. Flexibility and a willingness to solve a wide variety of Tenant projects of different sizes, functions and complexities, is a consistent strength of L2 Architects. The fact that L2 Architects has many repeat clients in the private realm of construction speaks to our commitment to complete our projects successfully, on time, and within budget.


Tucson Masonic Lodge #4 New Fraternal Lodge

Tucson, AZ

Completed: 2009

  • New construction
  • Design & site planning
  • Historical landmark application
  • Regulation and monitoring of construction from start to finish

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Soreo In Home Support Services

Tucson, AZ

Completed: 2011


Conversion of a circa 1950s abandoned Union Headquarters to new administrative case manager and training facility. The project was a complete renovation of a 6,900 S.F. building shell with new energy efficient lighting, new HVAC units & distributors, new plumbing & water efficient fixtures, upgraded service entrance, and a distribution & emergency generator. A central I.T. server was installed to serve all other remote offices & web based data transmission. The exterior improvements include; new paving, accessible parking, new xeroscape landscaping & irrigation, secured staff parking, lighting & security cameras/system.

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Special Projects

National Bank of Arizona Plaza

Tucson, AZ

Completed: 2010

  • Photovoltaic solar array added to the existing parking structure
  • National Bank of Arizona's 402.6 kW Solar Installation in Tucson, AZ
  • The system produces at least 580,000 kWh annually and offsets approximately 25% of the building's annual electricity costs

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Tucson, AZ

Completed: 2009


This complex, located at 6565 E. Carondelet, is a three-story medical office building. L2 Architects has been the architect for the building since 2000.  Since then, L2 Architects has provided design services for many tenant improvements to the facility.  These projects include: a pharmacy, Sonora Quest blood draw lab, oncology treatment center, urology office, cardiologist office, and allergy office.


In addition, several projects had specialized requirements:

  • Ajelica Pharmacy - The project addressed security needs for the pharmacy.

              Size: 804 S.F. / Cost: $85,000 / Completion: 2009

  • Sonora Quest Labs - The project provided temporary refrigeration for blood products.

              Size: 2,334 S.F. / Cost: $125,000 / Completion: 2005

  • Arizona Oncology - The treatment center for this project required extra supply and return air capability.

              Size: 4,043 S.F. / Cost: $325,000 / Completion: 2004

  • Old Pueblo Urology - The entrance was redone and the lobby and reception area were significantly expanded.

              Size: 1,800 S.F. / Cost: $220,000 / Completion: 2001                                                                              


Tucson, AZ

Completed: 2005


L2 Architects designed the 5,040 sf tenant improvement for this office simultaneously with the building shell.


The clinic provides out-patient cosmetic surgery. It includes two operatories, a fully-monitored recovery area, examining rooms, administrative offices, reception area, support staff stations, records, break room, and lobby. Rest rooms with showers and lockers are provided for physicians and nurses. The facility is set up to accommodate an eventual second physician for the clinic.

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