L2 Architects is committed to providing expert leadership and comprehensive support during all phases of your project. We will gather information necessary to begin the project and execute the design.


Our professional core services include:


   Gathering information and project research
  • Develop a program (list of project objectives) and budget
  • Obtain site survey
  • Investigate zoning regulations and analyze site for opportunities and limitations
  • Measure and draw the existing buildings
Schematic Design
The big idea
  • Explore broad alternatives in design and construction
  • Establish a general arrangement of spaces and massing
  • Analyze square footage and begin cost estimating
Design Development
Fine tuning the idea
  • Develop the form and layout
  • Select materials and products
  • Revisit square footage analysis & cost estimating

Construction Documents

Engineer and detail the project for construction

  • Prepare necessary documents for bidding and permitting
  • Written specifications & details
  • Quality control

Bidding + Negotiations

Arriving at a contract for construction

  • Provide documents for bidding
  • Review bidding results
  • Help review agreement between the contractor owner

Construction Administration

Executing the plan

  • Site visits during construction
  • Answering possible questions that come up
  • Review contractors requests for payments

Supplemental Services

Services not included in the core services

  • Zoning Variances
  • Computer Modeling
  • Construction Management
  • Historic Distric review
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