Information gathering

  • Establish project needs + goals
  • Understand budget + approximate shedule
  • Research zoning regulations + analyze site for opportunities and limitations
  • Obtain site survey
  • Measure and draw the existing buildings

Design Development

Refine the concept
  • Develop the proposed design form + building or site layout
  • Select appropriate materials + products
  • Ensure design decisions align with client budget, program, and project goals

Bidding + Negotiations

Selecting a contractor

  • Prepare bid package for contractors
  • Answer bidder questions + provide additional info to bidders if requested
  • Assist bid result evaluation
  • Advise client with contracts

Additional Services

  • Zoning Variances
  • Computer Modeling
  • Construction Management
  • Historic District review

Schematic Design

The design concept
  • Explore alternate design + construction solutions which meet project objectives
  • Establish a conceptual arrangement of site, spaces, and massing
  • Analyze square footage and begin cost estimating

Construction Documents

How to build the project

  • Finalize technical drawings + project specifications
  • All engineer drawings to be completed
  • prepare documents for bid + permit approval

Construction Administration

During construction

  • Visit site during construction
  • Ensure work conforms to construction documents
  • Inform owner of project's progress
  • Answer questions + provide info when requested by contractor
  • Review contractor requests for payment
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